Earnings for everyone

You can get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Payeer, Webmoney without having special knowledge or skills, using the faucets rotator


Topical faucets

More than 80% of sites monitors the system bot 24/7 . This reduces the chances of seeing a non-working resource.


To be better

We value your opinion! Write your whishes, suggestions or comments. Notify on new cranes and websites for earnings, or errors


Earnings without cheating

Protect yourself from scams, make sure that the site is not blacklisted.


Treasure Hunt

A common mistake is to find projects, "where faster" or "where the more." In order not to lose their money - I suggest nothing, never, nowhere to invest. And if you still itching, then to analyze the contribution of the site to which you want to work. Write to support, look at the quality of design (not whether a clone site). Check out how it works, look for reviews, etc.

Casino or slots

Here, I think, is clear. While many may say that the withdrawal of the money from the casino without any problems. Yes, the problems with the withdrawal of really should not be. But the policy of any site - to earn an income. That is, even if you something to win, the casino itself calculates the odds so that a certain percentage of all renewals take. And no any "proven methods" and "detours"!


It is not necessary to trade without a respective preparation. There are many videos about that you can work with the forex without any knowledge. In fact, you get an analogue of the casino plus a very long and tedious observation of the loss of their funds.

Courses on earnings

All information for a long time have free access, and the magic $ 1000 after watching video lesson - no. Immediately leave the sites created in the free constructors such as WIX. Think about it, the site describes the serious earnings, and he is placed on a curved, with errors free hosting

Programs for earnings

These exist, but they are not magic, and often barely work out the cost of Electricity. Be careful, if you do not understand what the program does - do not install it.

Exchange rate usd/rur

Why so few?

If you earn a little on the Internet, then you probably just do not work ... By work I mean the kind of work. Clicks, views, writing - can hardly be called work, even though it is this website are about this type of earnings. Can I make money on surfing? My answer is YES . And it does not have a 100,500 referrals and do not work for 12 hours. The main thing - it is the proper organization of the working process. Setting priorities and time allocation. It's not much, but a large part of the working time is spent on unnecessary sites, in social networks, watching videos on YouTube, etc. Another problem in working with in low-income, unpromising projects, and of course the lion's share of effort goes on the search for new resources, methods, techniques readings, motivation itself. That is, the work itself is done with the speed of a snail. The most important currency in the world - time. Professional time the most expensive, so if you react to earnings seriously, and make out. Boast of their income as most =) $ 80-100 per month, with about 3 hours a day. For some, it is enough, but for me this is another salary. Moreover, in addition to surfing I was doing more serious work on the Internet. Here, I have collected a lot of great sites for earnings, which I use myself and recommend you. .

Serious job

Networking is multifaceted, and everyone will find something of their own. What better deal - it's up to you. You must decide what you do best, what you proffesional. It is best to ask your friends about it, as about itself opinion is often erroneous. If you perfectly know grammar, you own a large vocabulary, it is possible for the money to write all kinds of posts. If you are strong in a particular category - you can open your blog, or a full-fledged website. If you draw well - the work of a designer. Are you a music lover or gamer - do video reviews. Programmer - here generally have many work . And it does not matter - you are student or a pensioner, the most important thing is the level of your professionalism.