How to earn in the games?

The network is available a lot of games where you can earn. It is not an MMO, but the games, the main objective of which is the salary. The bottom line is very simple: you buy an animal, dwarf, or something else, "working" for you and brings a small profit. Zhyvotnyh always several kinds with different yield, and they can buy an unlimited number. Many will say that it is not very profitable HYIP. Yes, it is so, it is a pyramid investment platform, disguised as a game. But most of these games provide an opportunity to earn money without investment, giving the first animal in the registration and providing daily bonus. Some thought so Economy, they are unlikely to be closed at all once. But unfortunately there is a huge scam kolichesvo or sites too difficult withdrawal of funds. Therefore, before you start with a similar project - tschatelno should learn the rules, prices and profitability. It is worth considering at what makes the site owner himself, as if in the economics of the project does not provide income to the owner, then this website will not live long, or does not pay the money. Particular attention pridela appearance and structure of the site. The more he differs from analogues - the higher the level of professionalism of the developer, and the less likely that the site has been hacked.


$ Excellent design, instant payments, ballі charged gun, even without referrals. Mandatory fee - 10 rubles.


$$$$ Very well thought-out game Economy. Any payment points, but they are automatically added to each den.Neobhodimo invest 10 rubles.


$$$$$ A unique game that has no analogues. To withdraw funds you need to invite referrals or recharge at 100 rubles. Without reinforcements, and referrals can get 1 p.


$ Young interesting project, the essence of the game is still the same, only here the eggs are dinosaurs. Payments from the main account I have not yet received, because they do not replenish the balance, but there are decent bonus directly to purse payeer from 20 to 50 cents.