What is surfing?

Surfing - this is what you do on the Internet every day, and constantly. This viewing and use of the Site. Many new sites are willing to pay money only for what you'll see them. Some place a small box with a bonus on your site, but most prefer to system activity Publicity (CAP) as in this case, the more people will see their product. This CAP is a launching pad for surfers. These sites provide the opportunity to earn a number of ways:

Autosurfing - View pages in which transitions occur automatically.

Surfing - Manual viewing sites a certain time (15-60sek).

Letters - Reading short messages about the site / product and the answer to a security question.

Tests - Search answers to the questions provided.

Tasks - all kinds of simple work (to join the group, register on the site, any comments videos, etc.).


The project can be described in one word: Maximum! There is everything here, all very much.